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Today MAKE editor-in-chief Mark Frauenfelder would like to introduce you to some of his favorite makers, and the projects they’ve brought to Maker Faire. If you don’t know about Maker Faire, it’s a festive two-day exhibition of DIY invention and creativity held annually in several locations around the United States. Mark selected these videos from our Maker Faire channel to give you an idea of the amazing energy and enthusiasm you’ll experience at Maker Faire.

Some of his favorite Maker Faire Makers:

Charles Guan’s motorized and treaded skateboard, which allows him to glide across grass-covered surfaces with ease. http://youtu.be/Iz9OvPqBEoc

Joe and John DiPrima’s Arc Attack, a performance group that creates electrifying melodies by controlling the frequency on a giant Tesla coil. http://youtu.be/RET68ODH6qA

Bob Schneeveis and Grant Grundler’s Solar Electric Robot Chariot, which is pulled by a skateboarding robot. http://youtu.be/Y3iKpVf0dGg

Ryan Doyle’s Gon KiRin, a 69-foot steel and found-object, fire-breathing dragon. http://youtu.be/Ig-DbfPoz3o

Jordan Jin Stone’s illuminated, sound-contolled, Rainbow Shutter-Shades. http://youtu.be/f0_XOOqHn0Q

Ayah Bdeir’s littleBits, a system of electronic parts for play and prototyping. http://youtu.be/1ITIng-ksQg

MakerBot’s 3D printed turtle shell RC race cars http://youtu.be/RasOkpNn_68

Lindsay Lawlor’s life-size robot giraffe with colored spots. http://youtu.be/gMQ51RRgts0

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories’ giant reproduction of a 1965 digital binary computer kit called the Digi Comp. http://youtu.be/BvmSYN8tLW0

Nemo Gould’s Homunculus – a garbage robot fashioned from a recycled voltmeter, woodwind parts and vacuum tubes. http://youtu.be/M_53BZHv1Is

Bryce Moore’s custom furniture, made froma ShopBot CNC machine http://youtu.be/3DeXI2cOCxo

Josh Billions’ bicycle messenger bag that has a ring of vibrating motors sewn into its strap, whose positions correspond to compass points. http://youtu.be/oP3GNCVHG1g

Bobbi Pires’ fire-spewing art bike. http://youtu.be/IOSnCdxkArM

Andrew Benson’s Praxis Zero guitars which have interchangeable bodies. http://youtu.be/v4vdufuVA68

Zac Carroll’s moveable Front Porch, which is towed by a vintage tractor. http://youtu.be/I6OrGdfm1RU

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