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Steelie Mobile Device Holder

If you’ve ever used a tablet in the kitchen, you know there’s a uniquely optimum viewing angle that’s just right for you. And you’re likely going to want to get it out of the cooking area, yet still keep it viewable, right? You’re set if you have one of those cookbook stands to prop it up against, but if you don’t, you might want to check out the Steelie Mobile Device Holder from makers Frank Vogel and Paul Turner. It’s a magnetic ball head mount that clicks into place and allows a wide range of movement to get just the right viewing angle. The magnetic socket also allows you to attach it to any metallic surface, like a refrigerator, range hood, or locker. There’s even a version for smartphones that’s great for the dashboard.

12 thoughts on “Steelie Mobile Device Holder

  1. A magnet strong enough to hold such a device securely, sounds like a TERRIBLE idea so close to the hard drives in these devices.  

    1. There’s a hard drive in there? Seriously, though, it would seem that they’re placing it far enough away from the critical circuitry that it seems to work for the Apple products. All you’re stuff is backed up in the cloud anyway, right? ;)

    2. Correction, a magnet strong enough to hold such a device securely, on your phone, in your pocket, potentially near your wallet.  Putting your phone on your desk, leaving it near your laptop, etc.  I could potentially buy the steel ball portion being magnetic, but the ring on the portable bit, that’s a tough sell…

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