True to Matt Richardson’s post, we now have HELLO! My Name is LED Nametag Kits available in the Maker Shed. This kit is perfect for your next hackerspace meeting, convention, or anywhere you want your nametag to proclaim that YOU ARE A MAKER! Each kit includes 50 red LEDs that you solder in place to spell out up to 5 characters. The included microcontroller is pre-programmed with 4 built-in display modes: all on, letter chase, fade, and blink. The nametag kit is a perfect first or second soldering project and is the greatest alternative to stick on nametags that we’ve ever seen.

Parts List:

  • Nametag PCB
  • Attiny13 (microcontroller)
  • Button
  • Coin cell battery and holder
  • Pinback
  • Resistor
  • 50 RED LEDs