Alt.CES: MAKE Team at MakerBot

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Alt.CES: MAKE Team at MakerBot

The MAKE Team at the MaketBot booth, with MakerBot’s Bre Pettis. From Left to Right: Marc de Vinck, Bre Pettis, Katie Dougherty Kunde, Sherry Huss, Dale Dougherty.

Two-color bot made on the new Dualstruder-equipped MakerBot Replicator

Awesome poster announcing The Replicator 3D printer

Maker Shed Product Development Mucky-Muck, Marc de Vinck, sent us these phone snaps today of the MAKE team at the MakerBot Industries booth at CES. Tonight, our team found itself at the MakerBot Industries party, too. It was all pizza, PBR, cups o’ quarters, and vintage pinball. Let’s just hope that Bre didn’t get them all drunk and had them make 3D prints they’re going to regret in the morning (the 21st century version of the Xerox machine at the Christmas party).


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