Looking for a great, standalone LED project? Check out the Blue Blinky Grid from the Maker Shed! This kit can be soldered together easily in under an hour and uses 56 bright blue LEDs to display text and animations. The best part about this kit is that it doesn’t require any coding or a programmer; to change the display you simply go to this website, input your desired text or designs, hold the kit against your monitor or smartphone display, and hit the “go” button to upload a new sequence. It’s that easy! It’s perfect for concerts, conventions, or anywhere a little “flash” is desired. Also available in a POV version for creating messages that seem to float in mid-air! (Note: Prototype version shown. Current version looks slightly different and is powered by 2 AA batteries.)


  • Program by holding the Blinky Grid up to your monitor!
  • 56 Blue LEDs
  • Pre-programmed microcontroller