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Push Pin Portrait

Composed of close to 15,000 push pins, this portrait by YouTuber brusspup weighs almost 40 pounds and took nearly a month to complete. Goes to show that even the smallest everyday object can transform into something thought provoking with a little ingenuity. [via likecool]

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    1. Hi Joseph. Thank you for putting together the instructions on how to make pinpin portraits. This article is very very helpful. I am having one major issue though. I can NOT print it. Every time i click print prf it is bringing up the log in screen and will not go further than that. Would you please email me the instructions. Hopefully this isnt to much to ask. Also, I am going to have to purchase a photoshop program to do this with or try to upload a free version online. Do you have any suggestion on which program to try? I am a fine arts major and need to do this for an assignment and found your article far beyond best on the internet so thank you again. My email is I look forward to hearing from you when you have the time.

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