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Lego Millennium Falcon, Rendered in 3DS Max

I’ve been deeply immersed in Lego Digital Designer for the past few months, and this sort of project, aside from the sweet assembly animation, could theoretically be done on that platform. However, Francisco Prieto didn’t use LDD. He used design software 3D Studio Max, modeling all of the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon’s 5,344 bricks himself, with a total of 3.5 million polygons. The model took a year to design, 6 months to animate, and 670 hours to render, spread over a 3-year period. WOW. [via The Fox is Black.]

8 thoughts on “Lego Millennium Falcon, Rendered in 3DS Max

  1. physical (@physical0) says:

    That is pretty awesome. Makes me wonder how much it would cost to buy all the bricks to make it.

    1. Chris Gallaty says:

      It strikes me that there should be an app for that. :D

    2. 3d max kursu says:

      awesome!good project.

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