Need a little help making your stitches pop on screen? Check out these tips for taking beautiful embroidery photos from Niamh at StitchPunk. Even if you don’t have a top-notch camera or a ton of editing know-how, she’ll show you what you need to know to start capturing and sharing the beauty of your projects!

As part of our Urban Entrepreneurs series, we’ve seen many of you now taking the leap into selling your embroidered wares online. The kicker about this is… until your product arrives in your buyers hands, it is essentially entirely digital. All they have to go on for the quality of your product are your photos, so you really want to make sure they shine.

Niamh isn’t a professional photographer, but she’s definitely learned some good tricks while taking photos of her own work. If you’re new to craft photography, her post is a great place to get started!