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Romanian Teenager Puts Space Shuttle Back in Space

On January 5, 2012, Raul Oaida posted the following update to his blog:

On the 31st of December I launched the Black Sky project payload with two HD cameras. I recovered the rig ~240km away (320 km on the highway) in excellent condition from a hillin a remote area. I wasn’t able to use the NewTrent external battery for extra camera videotaping time so the 2:20 h video cuts out before the balloon burst at about 30-33km. I used a 1600g balloon with a SPOT GPS tracker for the recovery. I will submit a more detailed posted after the 16GB in flight video is edited and uploaded to youtube, the ”payload” was a LEGO space shuttle.

About a month later, he posted the embedded video to YouTube.  The entry on his blog from that date kinda says it all:

This was all done by me.

He had problems getting the necessary permits in his native Romania, so the launch took place in Germany.

2001: A Brick Odyssey

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