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Back to the Future DeLorean Quadrotor

Check out this incredible scale model of Doc Brown’s DeLorean from Back to the Future. What sets it apart from other scale models isn’t the awesome lighting or attention to detail (Mr. Fusion, anyone?), it’s that it’s a fully-functioning quadrotor. Yep, it flies! Built using foam core and a ton of LEDs, this has to be one of the cooler RC models I’ve come across in a long time. For a certain audience it truly is a flying time machine. [via Technabob]

13 thoughts on “Back to the Future DeLorean Quadrotor

  1. Awesome! But what happens when that baby hits 88 miles per hour? Great build– now just keep scaling up until you can get behind the wheel!

  2. Jesus, if quad copters were available in the 1980’s, the special effects for BTTF would have been a lot cheaper. That looks extremely good. Bit more detail, get rid of some minor jerkiness, you’d be all set.

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