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Homemade Lucky Charms Marshmallows

“Making Lucky Charms from scratch is an achievement that I am proud of, but like climbing Mount Everest, it is not something that I would recommend to everyone,” writes Stef of Cupcake Project. She braved the intensive task of making the crunchy breakfast cereal marshmallows, and it sounds like she won’t be doing it again, since she and her husband both got thumb blisters from cutting the marshmallows into little hearts, stars, and clovers.
Stef notes that it is necessary to make your own corn syrup in order to have success with this recipe — store-bought corn syrup “doesn’t crystallize in the same way that homemade corn syrup does and the marshmallows won’t get as crunchy.”
My mom is a dietitian, so growing up it was a rare treat when a bowl of Lucky Charms crossed my path. Oh man, I used to love those marshmallows.

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