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Printable Stub Case Adapts AA Cells to C

A standard-sized AA cell is 0.5mm longer than a standard-sized C cell, but in practice that difference is negligible.  Besides “stub case,” an adapter like this is also sometimes called a “sabot.”  They can be purchased commercially, but I’d just as soon print my own.  And now I can. Thanks again, Thingiverse!

AA-C Cell Battery Adapter by Wildseyed

4 thoughts on “Printable Stub Case Adapts AA Cells to C

  1. Nice!

    I do a lot of casting of urethane resins and molding with silicone. Sometimes you over estimate just how much you need, so I turned a full set of adapters on my lathe, molded them and cast up a few adapters whenever I have extra resin.

    Someday when I have a Santa claus machine I’d like to play around with doing this. For all of you with a printer I have a question. Could the print be paused to allow for insertion of a metal insert to go from AAA to AA or from a C to a D size?

    1. How about putting the metal insert down first before you print? Have the printer embed the insert. Would that work?

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