Indestructible LED from MAKE Volume 30

Indestructible LED from MAKE Volume 30

Steve Hoefer likes to wander the aisles of the hardware store in his spare time, always on the lookout for that something something that strikes his fancy. He may not need it for a current project, but it’s bound to come in handy sometime. When he spotted some curious PVC caps and plugs that fit together into little airtight pods, he didn’t know they’d end up on the pages of MAKE Volume 30 as the basis for his Indestructible LED Lanterns project.

From his intro:

The result: simple, rugged, floating LED lanterns that glow for days. They’ve survived being submerged for a week, frozen, and laundered in the washing machine. I even hit one with the lawn mower, and it still works. When they get dirty, just hose them off.

Just in time for summer gatherings (and mischief), you can whip up a set of these lanterns in no time. Check out Steve’s how-to on page 132 of Volume 30, and right here on Make: Projects.

Look for Volume 30, hitting newsstands on April 24. Or, if you’re a subscriber (thanks! we love you!), it’s likely in your hands as we speak.

Frozen Indestructible LED from MAKE Volume 30

From the pages of MAKE Volume 30:

MAKE Volume 30Until recently, home automation was gimmicky, finicky, and user-hostile. But today, thanks to a new crop of devices and technology standards, home automation is useful, fun, and maker-friendly. In the special section of MAKE Volume 30, we’ll show you: how to flip any switch in your home with a smartphone, home automation without programming, controlling your HVAC with an Arduino, a webcam security system, and a wall-mounted Notification Alert Generator (NAG) that plays timely reminders as you walk by. Plus, you’ll build a Yakitori Grill, a robust R/C flying-wing airplane, sturdy furnishings from PVC, and more!


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