Dying to stitch on nylon, spandex, or even faux fur? Before you get started, check out these tips for embroidering on 5 types of tricky fabric—including organza, nylon, spandex, silk, and faux fur—that the folks from Embroidery Library shared on Stitch Punk!

Once a beginner has moved past the phase of embroidering each and every tea towel they come across, it might then seem time to experiment on different fabrics. Most fabrics will handle all kinds of embroidery with ease, but certain tricky fabrics have been known to cause all kinds of headaches for stitchers.
Does that mean you avoid them all together? No! You just need to know a few tips on how to deal with these tricky types, and the results are totally worth it for all the different effects these fabrics can bring to your projects.

The tips in this post are specifically geared towards machine embroiderers, but the prep methods are solid, and will definitely help hand stitchers get the most out of their specialty fabrics too.