Make Soap with Feto Soap

Organizers in Austin, Texas are raring to go with our First Annual Austin Mini Maker Faire. They have a full schedule of speakers and workshops, and over 60 makers, so there’s something for everyone. Some of the exhibits and activities include:

MAKE will be there too, sharing some of our Kits Special Issue and MAKE swag—though we’re still looking for crew for our booth.  Please email minimakerfaire AT if you’re a MAKE fan who’d love to represent! 

So if you’re in or around Austin, make a trip in, and check it out! Awesome Foundation ATX will even be there accepting applications for their $1000 grants that they hand out monthly to one Awesome idea.  With all the inspiration and ideas that’ll be flying around, someone might just hit the jackpot.

See you there!

Austin Bike Zoo!