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Lego British Birds

Thomas Poulsom’s British Bird Series explores the loveliness of the British ornithological scene, in all the glory of Lego! Even cooler, you can help these models become an official Lego model through the magic of Lego’s Cuusoo platform, where amateur builders can post models, and those creations which receive enough votes actually get made. If you like Thomas’s birds, visit the Cuusoo page and support it — he needs 10,000 votes for the sets to get greenlit.

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    1. Ha, ha! Good one, Rob – but it looks like your reference to the genius of Marty Feldman h & Co. has gone unrecognised! Ah, well, you can always console yourself by re-reading that much-loved classic, ‘Ethel the Aardvark Goes Quantity Surveying’…!

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