The WW2 US Medical Research Centre has an extensive catalog of images and descriptions of World War II medical kits, vehicles, clothing, veterinary equipment, bags, field manuals, and more. There are also historical photos from the war sprinkled throughout.

As the spelling of “centre” in the title gives away, the site was actually started by two European WWII medical collectors and re-enactors, Alain S. Batens and Ben C. Major.

The “WW2 US Medical Research Centre” started out as a private venture between two WW2 US medical collectors and re-enactors living in Europe. Using a variety of sources, primarily original WW2 documents, we were able to create an on-line database containing the list of all WW2 US Medical Department Item Numbers and their descriptions. We soon realised that this database was an invaluable research tool for anyone interested in the period. As a result, the database was further expanded, and the basic project grew to encompass a number of other resources for both collectors and re-enactors to use for their research.