Last Sunday, June 3, 2012, I visited Maker Faire Seoul, which took place in a media arts gallery in downtown Seoul. It was the first Maker Faire in Seoul and I think its organizers and participating makers should be very proud. I got to see my first Maker Faire outside of the US and I was really impressed by the variety of makers and their projects. I enjoyed seeing the number of families with kids in attendance. See my highlights in this video journal.

Here’s Ji Sun Lee’s Flickr photo set from Maker Faire Seoul. She took a photo of me during my talk on Monday night of the Faire.

Make: Korea is published by Hanbit Media and its team helped to organize Maker Faire Seoul. I believe Maker Faire is a catalyst that puts a number of things (and makers) in motion. We’ll see what happens throughout the year leading up to next year’s Faire.