Mini Maker Faire NC: Can’t Wait For Next Year!

Photo by Angus Hines on Facebook

I had a great time working the MAKE booth at Mini Maker Faire North Carolina, and really enjoyed meeting the folks who stopped by to chat. I was parked right next to High Voltage at Home, who kept the sparks flying:

3d printers were everywhere, even where you least expect them. Here’s Bill Young of 100kGarages and ShopBot showing off a ShopBot outfitted with a MakerBot MK7 extruder:

There were a several other 3D printers represented. Many makers had an assortment of MendelMax and Prusas on display, and I ran into Plastibot in the TechShop booth, and Fablicator had an exhibit, too:

If I had only one complaint, it was that the time went by too fast! A huge thanks to the team for their great work!

I’ll leave you with this view of a young maker captivated by the handiwork of the folks from NC State University’s Open Hardware Makerspace:


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