Mosaic Table When it comes to ceramics, I think I’m far better at breaking than making. Our own Brookelynn Morris apparently has the same problem, which is why she came up with her Mosaic Table project. In her intro she writes:

I am a klutz. I break dishes all the time. This is why I like mosaics. It’s a wonderful way to make amends to all my precious pieces of pottery. “Sorry, Teacup, you can be a picture frame now! Oops, too bad, Vase, your flower-holding days are over, but please, live on as this pretty planter.” … It’s OK to forgive yourself — you can turn accidents into art.

She shows you how to prep your surface, gives you pointers on breaking your broken ceramics into smaller pieces if you like, and how to grout and finish the piece. Here’s what the table looked like before she got started. Good excuse to break some more dishes.