New in the Maker Shed: Netduino Go Starter Kit

You wanted a Netduino with more speed, flash, and RAM. You wanted a Netduino with more GPIOs, more serial ports, more analog inputs and more PWMs. You wanted an easy to use, plug and play board with no soldering required. You wanted it and now it’s here; The Netduino Go Starter Kit. Available now in the Maker Shed.

The Netduino Go is an open source, plug and play Netduino with 4 times the speed (168MHz), 6 times the code space (384KB) and twice the RAM (100KB+) of the Netduino Plus. The peripherals are virtualized and contain a microchip that works with the mainboard. All you have to do is pick what you need, plug it in, and it’s ready to go.

The Netduino Go Starter Kit is designed to get you up an running quickly. It includes the Netduino Go mainboard, one button module, shield base (beta) module, potentiometer module, RGB LED module, two 5cm Go cables, two 10cm Go Cables, and a 3 foot micro USB cable. It’s like freedom in the form of electrons!


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