Friend of Make: Jason Torchinsky hacked a vintage Oldsmobile seat control to work as an Atari joystick. He explains how to raid the junk yard and build your own using any of a variety of switches and buttons found in old cars.

As Jason says:

The idea came to me while adjusting the mirrors in a car, and realizing that the little mirror-control joystick was better than many video game joysticks I used. I then had a waking dream of the grand possibilities of playing old videogames with control pads sourced from cars. The dream was a beautiful, fantastical vision of a world we could all achieve. I woke up hours later behind a CVS, and headed straight to a junkyard to make this dream real.

Check out his Car Hacks post on Jalopnik for more info and a sweet video of Jason using it to play Ms. Pac Man.