A little over a third of the way through our 2012 Weekend Projects series, we’ve built a 555 timer-based game-show circuit, made solar-powered BEAM bots, and protected our wares with a Talking Booby Trap, along with other great projects. One of the really exciting aspects of Weekend Projects is the newsletter we publish to coincide with each projects’ launch. In the newsletter, before anywhere else, we offer a snapshot of the most recent project. We also highlight technical and creative applications of the project, suggest tips & tricks, and feature builds by makers!

Our next project, coming next week, uses no battery source and requires no soldering, but is an exciting beginner electronics project that will produce different results for every maker who builds it. A project popular with both oatmeal eaters, and enthusiasts of the ether, can you guess what it might be? Sign up below to the Weekend Projects newsletter and find out! (RSS readers, please click through to the original article to sign up.)

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