The Monolith uses a process called “stereolithography” to create a 3-dimensional object, layer by layer. A tray of special liquid resin in placed on the machine, then exposed to ultraviolet light. Areas that are exposed to UV light solidify into a thin layer of plastic. Areas that do not receive UV light remain liquid. The first layer, or cross section of a 3D model, adheres to a platform that has been lowered into the tray of resin. The platform then moves upward, separating it from the bottom of the tray, but not the build platform. The next layer does the same thing, only the platform is .004” higher, and it adheres to the first layer. This process repeats, over and over, until a solid object is created. The process appears almost magical, because it effectively “pulls” a solid object out of a slender pool of liquid. (…)

The Monolith was intentionally designed to be free of preparation software. This will allow the end user to choose the software that best fits their needs – from expensive professional solutions, to free open-source options, the choice is yours. Simply supply black & white layer images (jpeg, png, etc.) stored on a USB flash drive, select the project from the onscreen menu, and it will take it from there. No host computer required.

Build envelope – 16.88” x 9.5” x 33” (X, Y, Z)
XY resolution – .0088”
Z resolution – .004”
Build speed – 1.12” per hour (Z height)
Total device size: 21″ x 18″ x 71″
Total Weight: 135lbs