NEWS FROM THE FUTURE: Assault for wearing Digital Eye Glass?

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Dr. Steve Mann, who is best known for wearing “cyborg” like cameras and devices most of his life is seeking help in contacting McDonald’s. Physical assault by McDonald’s for wearing Digital Eye Glass. He writes –

I don’t have the resources to take on a branch of a large multi-national corporation operating in a distant country, but I could use some help and advice as to how to resolve this matter, how to ensure it doesn’t happen again to me or anyone else wearing Eye Glass, and what can be done to advance Digital Eye Glass research in not just the technological realm, but also the realm of social responsibility and “culture and technology.

Here’s his blog post about what sounds like a lot of unfortunate events. If any makers out there know how Dr. Mann could get a hold of someone at McDonald’s it will probably help him as well as others who will start to “wear” more like technology like this. Please post up in the commnets. It reminds me a little bit when everyone almost overnight had digital cameras and many businesses and public spaces did not know how to deal with everyone taking photos, eventually policies and training happens – but it takes time.


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