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Walls Made from Decaying Books

The bibliophile in me cringes at Rodney LaTourelle‘s and Theo Folkerts‘ art installation, but it’s indubitably cool:

Walls, benches and carpets made of discarded books structure a series of rooms at once framing and dissolving into their environment. Invoking the mythic relation between knowledge and nature integral to the concept of ‘paradise’, we expose these supposedly timeless cultural artefacts to the process of decomposition. The books are organized between structural coloured plates, while their deterioration is further stimulated and accentuated by mushrooms that are cultivated on the books. The garden becomes a sensual reading room, a library, an information platform, an invitation to a different realm of knowledge.

[via Inhabitat; mushroom photo credit A. R. Mongeon]

6 thoughts on “Walls Made from Decaying Books

  1. Good grief, the amount of black mold and fungus spores floating around in that area. I hope anybody who views this “art” does it with an N95 dust mask on.

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