Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2012 Report

Ian of Dangerous Prototypes went to Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2012 Report and made this great video the Faire’s highlights.

Singapore’s Mini Maker Faire had a bunch of unforgettable projects. Check out improvised instruments, PC-controlled toys, a Twitter controlled blimp, the banana piano, a DIY Aquaponics system, and a sling shot controlled Angry Birds clone.

The Director of the Science Center Singapore shared his motivations for holding a Maker Faire. We also talked to Robot R US, a Singapore distributor of common names like Seeed Studio, SparkFun, Digilent, and DFRobot.

We demoed the Bus Pirate connected to an I2C EEPROM, with the Logic Sniffer visualizing and decoding the signals. Also on display were a couple Sick of Beige cases and the ATX Breakout Board. In between demos we played with the LED matrices we got from Kobe Electronics.

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2 thoughts on “Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2012 Report

  1. Fantastic vid – really captured the feel of the Singapore Mini Maker Faire :)

    Your enthusiasm and instant “let’s try this new thing out” style is also very engaging. I hope to get to more Faires after this first experience!

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