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CRAFT Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

Here are some cool things we saw in the CRAFT Flickr Pool this week:
Mini_matrioskas_llaveros_flickr_roundup.jpgMini matrioskas llaveros, by María Tenorio
i_love_you_flickr_roundup.jpgI Love You !, by Harem6
Plum Nuno_Felted_Scarf_by_HandiCraftKate_flickr_roundup.jpgPlum Nuno Felted Scarf by HandiCraftKate, by HandiCraftKate
crochet_bead_bracelet_flickr_roundup.jpgcrochet bead bracelet, ArigigiArt
  i-pad_cover_07_flickr_roundup.jpgi-pad_cover_07, by needles and lemons


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