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Two-Way USB Communication Between iPhone and Raspberry Pi (and BeagleBone)

Alasdair Allan (author of iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino) and David House spent the weekend getting their iPhones to talk to their BeagleBones and Raspberry Pis over PeerTalk. Alasdair writes:

Following up on the work I was doing last night connecting the iPhone to the BeagleBone using PeerTalk. I’ve now reached the blinking LED stage, which is more-or-less the “Hello World” stage of any bit of hardware hack.

I’ve been having a great back-and-forth on Twitter with David House while hacking away with this project, who is working away as I type to get this working on the Raspberry Pi [David has since managed to get everything up and working on the Raspberry Pi]. It’s been a lot of fun.

Read more at Blinking the BeagleBone’s heartbeat LED from the iPhone. (Alasdair’s also extended a discount code for the upcoming sensor workshop he’s giving in London; 10% off the early bird price with code MAKE10).

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