Have you ever had one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments? I had one the first time I saw Adafruit’s Perma-Proto Boards. What they’ve done is to take the idea behind breadboard perf-board and raise it to the next level. Lets say you spend hours (or minutes) building the above Mintduino circuit on a breadboard and decide it needs a more permanent, more robust home? With Perma-Proto Boards all you have to do is relocate the circuit component by component, wire by wire, solder it up, and you’re set! The Perma-Proto board retains the number / grid system and power bus markings you’re familiar with to make the transition easy.

Perma-Proto Boards are sold in packs of three and are available in three different sizes so you can match them up to your breadboard. The super thick, heavy-duty boards feature gold plated holes and traces to prevent oxidation and mounting holes for secure attachment. This “Cadillac” of perf-board is now available in the Maker Shed.