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Squishy Knot Pillow

This squishy knot pillow, made by Emily of Seymour looks like it would cradle your head in a comfortable-yet-supportive way. And it’s handsome — it really ties the look of the bed together, no pun intended.


9 thoughts on “Squishy Knot Pillow

    1. I see that … but Craft posts don’t always link to tutorials. Sometimes it’s just inspiration. I think it’s awesome that she figured out how to make a pillow that she saw and liked.

      1. Just trying to save people time so they know there’s no tutorial so they can decide if they want to click over. Love the inspiration! Luckily another site has come up with a very similar tutorial :)

  1. Try this link its not as tight as the one on pinterest but it explains the principle and how you start, I have printed it off for future use incase the moneygrabbing ‘designer’ complains again, its not patented so therefore they can’t really complain too much and anyone with half a brain cell could work it out if they tried for long enough. If you son’t want people to copy your designs don’t advertise on the internet!


  2. This is not inspirational, it’s plain copying, it lacks imagination and innovation. The last thing this is and ever will be is inspiring, it says ‘ let’s copy others work and slightly alter it’. If she was inspired she could have made something relevant and if she was really bright, sometime completely different! She’s just copied someone’s idea, also if ‘anyone with a brain cell could work it out’ why is there a tutorial in the first place?!
    You know nothing of the designer, she is kind, hard working considerate, all these comments about money grabbing are assumptions and ignorate. You know nothing of the strain and difficulty within the design world, she’s working a part time job and spends most her time and money on her designs.

    Go make something original yourself and try to sell it, then maybe you can make your snar assumptions then!

    This tutorial doesn’t save anyone time at all, it requires patience, which if these people are so patient they could save up to buy one from the original creator.
    How about Claire Anne O’Brien? Or Elin Green – go copy their work, as I suppose you think they are all money grabbers.
    All these nasty comments are created by people who know no better shame on you all!
    There are famous people in this world raking in money with songs, when they can’t sing, can’t write and can’t even play a musical instrument and everyone accepts it – someone actually creates something functional, beautiful and fun, uses this design to try and pay back her college fees, which are very pricey in Iceland with no bursaries provided and she’s a money grabber?! You are all backwards!

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