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Lego Mold-O-Rama Makes Minifig Clowns

I love Guy Himber’s fifth-scale Lego Mold-O-Rama that outputs a minifig when you launch the program.

You remember Mold-O-Ramas — they’re automated hot plastic molding machines most often found in zoos and circuses these days. Remember watching as the molded gorilla (or whatever) dropped into the hopper and you had to grab the too-hot figure because you couldn’t wait?

Of course, Guy’s recreation doesn’t really mold the clowns, they’re just minifigs, but it’s still a wonderful project.

12 thoughts on “Lego Mold-O-Rama Makes Minifig Clowns

  1. I took my nephew to the zoo recently and he was amazed by the Mold-A-Rama machines. It lead to a million questions and an afternoon of making simple molds of matchbox cars with aluminum foil and pouring in melted crayons. Now he wants me to make him a ‘metal man’ so over Christmas break we’re going to do some sand casting with aluminum. Thanks Mold-A-Rama!

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