Scary Cool Halloween Props

A Jedi without a lightsaber? Of course not.  A costume is not complete without the proper prop. Nor are the front steps of your house. Here then is a round-up of some of our favorite props to help accessorize your Halloween.
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16 thoughts on “Scary Cool Halloween Props

  1. Hi Makers. First, I really liked the slideshow. But why must these slideshows only pop up in a tiny window that sometimes involves scrolling to see the comments? Any way you can use my whole browser window? Or maybe let me maximize the slide show window?

  2. Cool ideas! We made a Twisted Nursery room last year for our home haunt. We melted about 50 dolls and doll heads from Goodwill. I felt a bit bad about it – but hey, at least they didn’t end up in the dumpster! And people loved it!!

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