Buy Electronic Kits, Help HackerMoms

Chris “Akiba” Wang of Freaklabs and Tokyo Hackerspace is the brother of Mothership HackerMoms co-founder Sho Sho Smith, and he’s offering a couple of cool kits from his online store to support HackerMoms’ Kickstarter campaign. All proceeds will go to the moms!

The first kit is the FabTile, a daisy-chainable LED board based off of EMSL’s Octolively:

The FabTile is an Arduino-based kit used to teach people how to solder components to a printed circuit board and also how to program in the Arduino environment. Rather than using generic design examples to demonstrate the principles of Arduino programming, this kit and associated workshop lessons require the user to assemble and solder the board, and then write software for it with a specific goal in mind. The end product is a device that produces an interesting visual effect as well as teaching the principles of Arduino and embedded programming.

The second kit is the HackerMoms FredBoard, a breadboard equipped with an ATMega328P.

The FredBoard is an excellent tool for the beginning hacker learning electronics or Arduino programming or both. It’s also an excellent tool for the professional engineer doing rapid prototypes of a mixed hardware/software design, a hardware only design, or a software design where hardware might be needed to interface to the software. In any of the cases, this is one of the most flexible boards to have in your electronics toolbox.

If you’re interested in helping the HackerMoms get their space established, you should definitely check out these kits.

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