QR-Code Clock

Michael Ciuffo’s clever QR Clock generates each of the 1,440 daily QR codes on the fly, rather than referencing a array of pre-configured codes. His boards feature a built-in ATMega328.

[T]his clock points out the ultimate irony of QR codes which is that they are a technological convenience that really isn’t convenient. In order to read this clock, the user will require some sort of QR scanning device which is guaranteed to have a time-telling function built into it already.

[via EmbProj]

20 thoughts on “QR-Code Clock

  1. I love that he has scores of clock apps on his QR code scanner. This is a digital representation of the “The Most Useless Machine”. In fact it is definitely misnamed. It should be “The Most Useless Clock”. Great work!

  2. If you make something similar with “one QR per digit”, I’m thinking it might actually be human readable. That’s only ten patterns to lock in on pattern-recognition.

    Perhaps one QR for the 24-hours would work as well. A color ‘sweep’ where the existing pixels are could eliminate the “minute” QR code entirely. That is – just one QR going from 0 to 23. And a band of color rotating like a minute hand that just affects the already lit pixels.

  3. Saying QR codes aren’t convenient because you need a scanner to read them is just plain silly. We have scanner-free codes. You are reading them now.

  4. There is nothing ironic about QR codes… they are made to be machine readable, not human readable. Still, a very slick clock design.

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