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Cocktail-Style IKEA Arcade Cabinet

Video games got their start in bars, so it was only fitting that the cocktail-style arcade cabinet would come to be. Check out this mod from redditor franchy36. Built into an IKEA Malm chest of drawers, with a slide-out controller, this stylish retro arcade game turns into a working piece of furniture when not in use. [via apartment therapy]

18 thoughts on “Cocktail-Style IKEA Arcade Cabinet

  1. Why do people have a fascination with using “IKEA” stuff in their projects. It’s more expensive that using quality lumber, and pretty damn ugly crap most of the time.

    1. Probably because its the fact that the things come completely disassembled. The aspect that anyone could make it adds to the appeal.

    2. It’s Swedish design and the price is usually rather good. It helps to have an appreciation for Scandinavia but not required – just tour a store and chances are you’ll be hooked. You also have to remember those people that may be more handy with a soldering iron but when it comes to a saw are rather dangerous to themselves and others

  2. I wouldn’t count on it being more expensive actually, my experience is that most of the smaller bits are quite cheap by comparison to decent lumber. Then there is the fact that not everyone owns a table saw, router, planer, etc to do a reasonable job of creating a sturdy cabinet. For my time and money, I would probably opt for the flat pack enclosure as well.

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