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How-To: Fast Toy Wood Car

With the holidays coming up, you might be thinking about gifts you can make for your friends and family. The Fast Toy Wood Car, from the pages of MAKE Vol. 32, is the perfect gift for a kid (or kid at heart) on your list. It’s simple and fun to build. You can check it out over on Make: Projects. Author Ed Lewis says :

Lots of my friends have kids, and that means lots of birthdays. I wanted to have a custom present that’s easy to make and has lots of room to play, in terms of design.

A toy car fits perfectly. So I can build cars and make kids happy? Win-win!

Another fantastic gift? A subscription to MAKE magazine.

MAKE Volume 32: Design for Makers

Forget duct tape and baling wire — now makers can design and manufacture things as beautiful as Apple and as slick as Dyson. We’ll show you how to conceive and visualize great-looking projects with our speed course in industrial design.

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  1. As soon as I read this, I immediately went looking for the materials. It’s not cheap at all to buy rollerblade wheels, sigh. Does anyone know a cheap place to get rollerblade wheels?

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