Artist Julie Dodd has decided to plunge headlong into the medium of paper. Almost all her work uses it, and often to express issues of environmentalism, with the topic of reuse folded into the pieces themselves as she works with discarded materials. Her methods are novel, often surprising even those who are familiar with modern papercraft practices.

Paper Eggs are made from bound recycled magazines and highlight the habitat loss of migratory birds due to deforestation.

Illegal Logging also cites deforestation as an influence and uses tightly wrapped paper to mimic tree stumps — and to beautiful effect.

Above is a shot from Inner Beauty, another paper-based installation. From the artist’s site:

‘A response to the artificial way beauty is perceived as only skin deep.
The pattern was inspired by microscopic images of inside the human body and was constructed using layers of ‘skin’ from images of models in magazine pages (fashion, beauty and glamour)’.

[via Dude Craft]