The last time I was out at MAKE HQ, I saw this astoundingly beautiful and complex origami construction on the desk of MAKE’s Administrative Assistant Suzanne Huston. She said it had been given to her as a present by the amazing Julie Williams-Hudy. Julie is the mother of kid maker extraordinaire Joey Hudy. When she’s not busy helping her kids become the architects of tomorrow, Julie honchos our Maker Mom program. And when she’s not busy with all of that, I come to find out, she makes these impressive origami constructions. After seeing the one on Suzanne’s desk, I asked Julie if she’d post how she did it to Make: Projects and she kindly agreed. We thought it a fitting end to Paper Month and a nice segue into December. Imagine getting a present wrapped with this kind of skill — or one of these Kusudama balls as the gift itself. Thanks, Julie!

Make: Projects – Origami Ball/Kusudama