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Tool Review: Optrix XD iPhone Case


The Optrix XD is a tough-as-nails iPhone 4/4S/Touch case with a built-in 175-degree wide-angle lens and is designed to mount on a bike, car, or some other vehicle, giving you great videos while protecting the phone. Optrix claims mil-spec durability with regards to impact, particle resistance, vibration, and water immersion. You can still control the phone through the case’s membrane.

The body of the unit consists of a durable plastic box with a smaller plastic insert that attaches to the phone like any other case. This lets you remove the phone easily without removing the Optrix from its mounting surface. Speaking of which, mounting the Optrix is easy to do securely, thanks to a pair of mounting plates that come with the case. They’ve got a 3M adhesive patch as well as a pair of holes for mounting hardware. A quick-release lever pops off the case when you want it to, but keeps it secure when you want it to stay put.

Optrix also provides an app, called VideoPro, that overlays such data as speed and path traveled over the video. I had my daughter test out the Optrix with VideoPro this evening and you can see the results above. The app (which doesn’t need the case to work) costs $9.99.

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