We’ve been building up a repository of beginner-friendly electronics projects over at Weekend Projects, accompanied by our excellent Weekend Projects playlist on YouTube. A less-prevalent feature of the series are the GIFs I have made for some of the projects, which have been included in blog posts and the bi-weekly newsletter. You can see a small collection of these GIFs below. The above GIF is a preview of our next project, due out later this week. To get first glimpse at this brand new project, sign up below for the Weekend Projects Newsletter.


This “Symet” is inspired by biology, electronics, aesthetics, and mechanics. It’s a BEAM bot!

The Optical Tremolo Box makes for a great GIF, but you have to hear it to believe it. Check out the video to see how to build this effects box, using a photoresistor and homemade patterned disks.

Projects in Motion

Projects in Motion experiments with the venerable 555 timer to build three separate motor controllers. This is an “H-bridge,” one of the simplest circuit designs around.

A micro relay and PIR proximity sensor join forces in our Monkey Couch Guardian. When a creature passes in front of the sensor, the relay is activated.

Jam on light waves with the Infrared String Bass, which combines an infrared emitter and detector to turn light into audio!

Build a small powered speaker to amplify your portable music player with this circuit, driving the MonoBox Powered Speaker project. Then encase your wares inside a cigar box or an enclosure of your own design.

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