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MAKE Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

This week in the MAKE Flickr pool we saw…

Treasure Chest Synth - Front View

Treasure Chest Synth – Front View from Sharpie777.

.yes, that eye is glowing

.yes, that eye is glowing from Rifle Creek Studio.

Untitled Buddha Forest #4

Untitled Buddha Forest #4 from anczelowitz.

Weathering the Heavy Bolter

Weathering the Heavy Bolter from thorssoli.

LED Canlight in Action

LED Canlight in Action from Darren Landrum.

Commodore 1541 DVD-ROM drive: front

Commodore 1541 DVD-ROM drive: front from lungstruck.

Rhombic Dodecareuleaux Calendar 2013

Rhombic Dodecareuleaux Calendar 2013 from oschene.

8 thoughts on “MAKE Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

  1. We need to invent a new word for the feeling one gets when they discover a project they shared on, say, Thingiverse (such as my “low poly mask”) gets used by someone else to make something totally unexpected (as seen in the photo, “.yes, that eye is glowing”). Now I see, looking on Thingiverse, that this project is a few steps down the sharing chain from mine. Yeah, a new word, mixing surprised/happy/proud parent and “how the heck?”

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