Secret Labs has been busy. They updated their flagship Netduino Plus (now the Netduino Plus 2) back in November and they just updated to the Netduino to the Netduino 2! The Netduino 2 features the same Arduino shield pin compatibility, footprint, and .NET Micro Framework programability as the original but adds more speed, code space, and features. This new version packs a new STmicro Cortex-M3 microcontroller running at 120MHz, 192KB of code storage, and 60KB of RAM.  The Netduino 2 also adds two additional GPIO ports over the original bringing the total to 22. The additional two pins also enable the Netduino 2 to be compatible with the latest Arduino R3 complaint shields on the market.

So if you’ve been waiting for a .NET programmable microcontroller with TONS of options for expansion, check out the Netduino 2! We have them in stock and shipping from the Maker Shed. Want even more speed, code space, RAM along with MicroSD and Ethernet? Check out the Netduino Plus 2!