Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack: Unboxing and $30 Off!

Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack: Unboxing and  Off!

Before I worked for the Maker Shed, I decided I wanted to get into Arduino. I began researching kits to determine which one was the best fit for me. The kit had to get me started, be a good value for the money, and allow me to grow into other projects as my skills progressed. I narrowed my choices to three different kits, and after carefully weighing my options, I chose to purchase the Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack. This decision was mainly because it got me through the most tutorials and gave me plenty of components to “mess around” with as I learned. Additionally, I didn’t just want to get started, I wanted to keep going and make some really cool stuff!

So if you’re still weighing your options, let me give you one more point to consider. This week only, we’re running a special deal: Save $30 on the Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack. It’s like getting the Arduino for FREE! This is the lowest price we’ve ever offered on our favorite Arduino kit, so don’t miss out! Don’t want to pay for shipping? Select RadioShack stores are matching this price so be sure to stop by a ‘Shack near you!

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack: Unboxing and $30 Off!

  1. Erin says:

    I do think this kit is awesome. The only thing that I think should be mentioned is that when I bought the kit it did not come with the standard USB A/B plug that is needed to hook up the Arduino to your computer,and I’m pretty sure it still doesn’t. Most office supply stores sale them, but they were at long lengths I didn’t need and didn’t want to pay for, so I purchased a shorter and more affordable one online, and had to postpone working with the Arduino for a week or so. Anyone buying this kit might want to keep that in mind and plan ahead.

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