The New England Society of Information and Technology (NESIT) in Meriden, CT, was robbed and vandalized on March 1st.

All computers and monitors used in our community programs were destroyed. Extensive damage was done to our classroom and project areas. A massive clean-up effort has been under way for the past week and we continue to assess the damage.

Will Genovese, President of NESIT, said, “We offer so much to the community, it’s terrible someone would do this, but we’re not giving up on our mission.” NESIT’s specific charitable and educational mission is to create, educate, and foster learning in the fields of computer, information and communications technology, wood working, metal working, and other disciplines while exploring the benefits of productivity through volunteer collaboration.

To achieve this we have to replace the computers and monitors that were destroyed. We need to replace our servers, printers, routers and various other items. We need an upgraded alarm system. The volunteers as NESIT are committed to our mission and supporting the communities around us. We will continue to offer free classes, our quarterly free computer repair clinic, hands on build sessions, guest speakers and project space to members and guests.

NESIT has started a Pledgie campaign to pay for the repairs. Please help out if you can!

See more photos of the damage.