Attention Chicagoland crafters: A special exhibition of fiber artist Sonya Phillip’s 100 Acts of Sewing is coming to the Lillstreet Gallery from March 29 – May 19!

Lillstreet Gallery events:

  • Exhibition dates: March 29 – May 19
  • Reception and Artist Demonstration: Friday, March 29, 6-8pm
  • Dressmaking workshop: March 30-31

Head over to the Lillstreet Gallery site for full event details and workshop registration information.


About Sonya and 100 Acts of Sewing:

I met Sonya Philip last year at Maker Faire New York, and fell in love with her style, her warmth, and her 100 Acts of Sewing project. Her work is such a great example of how fun, meaningful, and inspiring DIY can be!

From Sonya’s Project Statement:

What began as a personal challenge to make 100 dresses in a year, has developed into a larger exploration of praxis. It functions in three parts: display, demonstration, and instruction. The purpose is to not only present the product of a year’s labor, but to also expose the process, and in turn educate the audience. This exposure acts as an impetus, allowing people to recognize that they can sew clothes, an awareness that simultaneously creates conscious consumers, offers a connection to the past, and provides a means of reclaiming personal style.

[You can read the full statement here.]

To learn more about Sonya Philip and see even more of her work, check out her 100 Acts of Sewing website!