Jason Poel Smith Picture

Jason Poel Smith.

Today we’re launching DIY Hacks & How To’s, a weekly video series with maker Jason Poel Smith. His videos will appear on Mondays.

Jason Poel Smith says he started making at an early age with Legos and Erector sets and every other building toy he could find. By 12 he was a regular at his local Radio Shack so it was no surprise when in college he decided to pursue a degree in engineering. After graduating, he spent several years designing manned aerial lifts, aircraft tooling fixtures, and board games. Jason and his wife Samantha live in central Indiana where they spend much of their time trying to keep up with their new son, Ian.

In DIY Hacks and How To’s, Jason shares  his latest project and shows you how to make them. The series will cover a broad range of topics that aims to teach you how to make one-of-a-kind toys, tools, hacks, and mods, and everything in between.

In his first episode, Jason hacks a solar-powered LED walkway light with a motion sensor to create a cool light fixture that comes to life in the evening. Here’s a link to the full project.


See the full series here.