Need help with a project? Former Make: Labs intern Matthew Dalton and Jacob Rogers, both from Instructables, have launched a great new podcast called R&D Media Labs, where they field project questions and offer answers. Matt writes: “The goal of the podcast is to assist people in brainstorming ideas for projects to be worked on, in work, at the concept stage, or even looking back to better ideas of tackling something already finished in future iterations.”

For Episode 007, launched today, they ask:

What do kids, dogs, Raspberry Pi’s, and computer monitor mounts all have in common? They’re all the subject of this weeks episode! Listen along as we discuss fun projects for children, ways to control LEDs with a Raspberry Pi (hint: you use an Arduino instead), physical timers so you know when your dog has been fed, and ways of constructing a multi-axis mount for a computer screen. It’s bananas!

For Episode 005, they even did a Make Forum Special:

This week we’ve decided to change things up a bit. We’ve left our comfortable home in the Instructables forums to venture into the forums at Makezine. We found some excellent questions that range from strapping a bike light to your helmet to creating your own VOIP phone booth.

Got a project question you need help with? Email Matt and Jacob!