Get Your MAKE Pebble Watchface Just in Time for Maker Faire
Make watchface for the Pebble (Image by Ken Denmead).
Make watchface for the Pebble (Image by Ken Denmead).

If you’re an early-adopter, like so many makers are, then there’s a good chance you’ve already got a Pebble smartwatch. With the recent updates to the development platform, we’re starting to see a rush of fun, and functional custom watchfaces for the Pebble, as well as web-based tools for generating them.

In the MAKE spirit, and out of the imperative to show my maker pride at Maker Faire Bay Area in 9 days, I went ahead and made a custom MAKE watchface using the handy watchface generator site: Wear it with maker pride, and if you see me at Maker Faire and show me your Pebble with the Make watchface, I’ll show you the secret maker handshake.

Access the watchface and upload it to your Pebble based on your platform here.