You think hackerspaces are all about Arduinos and 3D printers? Guess again! i3Detroit is holding a Bob Ross Paint Along class, where you can learn how to paint like the mighty Bob Ross of “Joy of Painting” fame:

The late Bob Ross left a legacy of artistic genius and inspiration. Revolutionary paint-along tutorials such as “Forests”, “Waterfalls”, “Mountains”, and “Seascapes” are among some of the most brilliantly thought out guides to channeling your inner-realist. Now it’s your turn to make your very own oil painting with no experience!! Join the i3 Detroit group as Bob on the big screen patiently teach us his world famous Wet-on-Wet painting technique for painting your very own dramatic mountain scenes with mighty magnificent peaks, frosty highlights and deep restful shadows.

If you’re interested in checking it out, the class will be held on May 18th and the cost is $24.99.

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